ACE-3 screenshot


ACE-3 is a re-creation of the ACE-TONE RHYTHM ACE FR-3 analogue drum machine from the 1960s.

All the internal sounds have been carefully sampled and the rhythms re-created.

Some of the rhythms on the FR-3 feature accented beats which have been accurately reproduced on the ACE-3.

KING-4 screenshot


KING-4 is a re-creation of the MAESTRO RHYTHM KING MRK-4 American-made drum machine from the 1970s.

All the internal sounds have been carefully sampled and the rhythms re-created. Some of the rhythms have an intro / fill-in available.

The MRK-4 is an analogue machine and unlike the earlier MRK-2, uses tuned inductor coils to create the sounds.

VARI-64 Mark 2 screenshot


VARI-64 Mk II is a re-creation of the HAMMOND AUTOVARI-64 Mark II analogue drum machine from the early 1980s.

Every internal sound has been sampled (or multi-sampled) with great care, and all 64 preset rhythms and 6 fill-ins have been accurately programmed at the same 48 pulses per quarter note as the original.

Other features from the real thing are the touch-tempo and programmable auto-vari sequencer.

KING-2 screenshot


KING-2 is a virtual Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2 drum machine from the late 1960s. It can be heard on George McCrae’s 1974 hit: Rock Your Baby as well as recordings by Sly Stone.

All the internal sounds have been carefully sampled — not just those on the front panel trigger buttons — while the cymbal and snare sounds are multi-sampled for more realism.

As well as the 18 rhythms from the MRK-2, there are two extra – DISCO and PASO DOBLE – that were only included on the MRK-1 model that preceded it.

POPS-7 screenshot


POPS-7 is a virtual MINI POPS 7 drum machine (AKA UNIVOX SR-95) that was most famously used by Jean-Michel Jarre on his ground-breaking 1976 album: Oxygene.

It features all the original sounds — some multi-sampled — plus re-creations of the original rhythm patterns.

Combining BEGUINE with SLOW ROCK will get you the classic Oxygene Ⅳ rhythm.

ROLA-78 screenshot


ROLA-78 is an accurate re-creation of the ROLAND CompuRhythm CR-78 — a very influential drum machine released at the end of the 1970s.

Every sound has been meticulously sampled, some at multiple accent levels and with round-robin variations. All the original rhythms and variations have also been re-created.

Included are a set of KONTAKT snapshots featuring the rhythms from famous songs that use the CR-78.

CORG-55 screenshot


CORG-55 is a two instrument package based on the Korg KR-55 and KR-55B (AKA Rhythm-55 and Rhythm-55B) drum machines from the early 1980s.

Both instruments share the same high quality samples — some with round-robin variations — while each has its own unique set of rhythms, intros and fill-ins.

The CORG-55B can toggle between two versions of the drum machine with different rhythm sets that were tailored for different markets.

In total, this package offers 149 unique rhythms, 51 intros and 54 fill-ins.

ROLA-77 screenshot


ROLA-77 is a re-creation of the Roland TR-77 (AKA Rhythm-77) drum machine from the early 1970s.

Each sound has been carefully captured and multi-sampled where appropriate.

All the original rhythm patterns have been re-programmed and can be combined together to form new rhythms.

ROLA-8000 screenshot


ROLA-8000 is an accurate simulation of the Roland CompuRhythm CR-8000 drum machine from the early 1980s.

It features 325 samples including multi-dynamic and round-robin variations of the original sounds.

All the rhythms and intro/fill-ins have been re-created as well as other functionality of the original such as programmability.