Forgotten Keys aims to create the best possible simulations of old and rare electronic musical instruments and make them available to anyone with the full version of Native instruments’ KONTAKT sampler.

All KONTAKT instruments are now hosted on Loot Audio.


Compu78 is a very accurate simulation of the Roland CompuRhythm CR-78, a very influential drum machine released at the end of the 1970s. More info…

Compu78 for KONTAKT


Seventy7 is a virtual simulation of an old Roland drum machine from the 1970s generally known as the Rhythm77 or TR-77. The TR-77 itself evolved from the Ace-Tone Rhythm Ace. More info…

Seventy7 for KONTAKT


A recreation of an old drum machine from the 1960s generally known as the Keio (Korg) Mini Pops 7 or Univox SR-95. It was most famously used by Jean-Michel Jarre on his Oxygene album in 1976. More info…

Oxypops for KONTAKT